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Spoor Discovery does.

Recent news

Road Knight become the hero

Road Knight is on Android, Xbox One, Win7, Win10 & Amazon for FREE! No in game purchases. Click here to download

Alarm Clocks time to wake up

Check out a variety of alarm clock themes for Windows 10, from Planets, Wolves and Fairies, with more to come.

Fraction 10

New release of a simple and fast Fraction calculator.
Win 10 Store

Percentage 10

Simple and accurate percentage calculator, originally written for my wife and adapted for everyone to use, converted from Windows 8 to Windows 10.
Win 10 Store

Spoor Discovery raising the bar in app code

New release with some improvements to the application:

- Unlimited trial, never expires but some functionality will after 30 days.
- Regular Expression Validation of inputs.
- Real time improvements to UI when validating.
- Print as Barcode, barcode inputs if numeric can be printed as barcodes.
- Camera barcode on/off.
- Some minor UI tidy up.
- If device suspends, current batch or check will save.

Win 10 Store

Compass 10 need direction in life?

Use either the internal compass of the device or GPS to determine which way you are moving.
Win 10 Store Mobile Desktop
Google Play Store

Spoor Discovery raising the bar in app code

A wedge between collecting information and ease of use, Spoor Discovery streamlines the capture of data and thus the movement of items, easily. Available through the Microsoft store for Windows 10 desktop and mobile.
Win 10 Store

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