Spoor Discovery

Asset Management is a tricky business, software too complicated, slow and problematic coupled with not quite meeting requirements. Well with Spoor Discovery and its configurable templates, this all changes.

Need to collect just a single barcode, no problem, need to collect multiple pieces of information (discovery), configure a template as to what you want and collect that information.

Highly configurable - check, easy to use - check, reliable - check, investment in future collections - check, Spoor Discovery meets all these issues.

Small Businesses - An inexpensive application can quickly get you up and running a series of default templates for collecting information which uses a power wizard to set up.

Medium Businesses - Not only do we have the default easy to use templates and wizard, they are also fully customerizable to whatever needs your business may require.

Large Businesses - You may already have an inhouse or expensive application solution, but what happens when your system is down? or can't communicate via vpn? Spoor Discovery has got your back. Running standalone can export the data to csv for importing into your main system or how about a bespoke store and forward system, we are happy to include all range of backend interfaces.

Bespoke interface - You need an interface creating to send the collected information to your backend system, no problem, talk you us and we can look into it.

How it works for you

Barcodes - Build for barcodes in mind, will accept any wedge barcode reader interface

Batches - groups, collections whatever you all it, creating, editing, printing and csv all covered.

Check - audit, each batch can be verified at any time.

Move - transport, in transit, we cover the batch being moved from one location to another.

Automation - Will create CSV files for each batch along its journey in any folder you required on your system.

Wizard - Yes better than Gandalf, or Wizard Template system takes out the painful setups by delivering an almost complete template.

GPS - Track the location of all your assets last known location, easily.

Available through the Windows store

Version: 1.5
- Unlimited trial, never expires but some functionality will after 30 days.
- Regular Expression Validation of inputs.
- Real time improvements to UI when validation.
- Print as Barcode, barcode inputs if numeric can be printed as barcodes.
- Camera barcode on/off.
- Some minor UI tidy up.
- If device suspends, current batch or check will save.
- Email templates to support
- Fixed issue with deleting templates

Version: 1.1.27
- Resolved searching page issues on ARM processors
- More mobile screen improvements

Version: 1.1.20
- Fixed issue with edit asset
- Old name in print preview
- Mobile page size changes for version
- Save last template used
- Move inputs up/down in template configuration
- Duplicate Asset numbers per template